What we can do for you

Prescribing and being able to offer the latest educational material to students every year, can be a challenging task for administrators and schools. We’ve tried to address this with our tech platform, so that you find it easy to access and view the educational content that best suits your curriculum.

Repro aggregates books required for your school from publishers and lists them online.

The books and material are offered online in the form of kits on the Repro platform.

Students and parents buy books online.

We reach the books to students at their doorstep.

We also offer students notebooks, which are often customised for school specifications and stationery from leading brands.

Our Customised Tech Platform, Gets the Job Done!

Students everywhere, need constantly updated text books. Timing is all important. And getting the latest text-book or educational material, in the fastest time, at the lowest cost is paramount. Our solution addresses all these.

  • Our solution ensures that school-prescribed books reach the student directly at home.
  • We do this by tying up with schools and listing text books and educational books online on school specific pages
  • Thanks to this we are able to offer schools a wide selection of textbooks and educational material to match their curriculum.
  • Parallelly, we aggregate relevant content from educational publishers
  • Once the order is placed by the student, we ensure that all the books on the booklist reach him or her at their doorstep.

The benefits

Our tech solution, has an extra special user – students. Students everywhere, need constantly updated text books. Timing is all important. And getting the latest text-book or educational material, in the fastest time, at the lowest cost is paramount. Our solution addresses all these.

  • A Never Out Of Stock (NOS) Model for the identified list of items.
  • Parents can place the order at their convenience and be assured that it will reach them.
  • The order is Fulfilled by Amazon – who through its quality interactive platform (App and Browser) assures delivery.
  • Access for parents to payment and delivery options from Amazon makes the process easy, secure and reliable.

Our tie-ups make this possible

E-retail channel tie-ups
We have entered a tie-ups with India’s largest e-retailers – including Amazon. By placing relevant educational titles on these Amazon, we help school administrators and parents access the titles they need; and publishers make their books visible to more schools.

Global Alliances
We have tied up strategically with the Ingram Content Group, one of the world’s largest content aggregators with more than 14 million titles in their repository – many of them relevant educational titles. Through this, students will have access to international educational material too.

Technology at your service

Our technology, combined with our partners’ algorithms, offer a seamless selection and purchase process.

The Amazon edge

Along with Amazon, we offer a specially created, customized app that allows schools to browse and locate the latest and most relevant title.

A seamless process

  • School administrators can upload prescribed booklists, class-wise or subject-wise.
  • Parents or students can select prescribed books
  • Our search engines will help customers find related additional material
  • A detailed order form will ensure that the entire list if kitted together
  • A secure payment gateway will enable seamless payment

Process and Infrastructure

The conventional process

  • The Publisher identifies schools who would need their books.
  • The Publisher sends his sales staff to schools to sell the series.
  • The School sends out the books selected to the students and the bookseller.
  • The bookseller places the order and the books are supplied to him.
  • Parents and students go to the school and buy the books from the bookseller.

The new process: Repro Books on Demand

  • School finalises the books and other materials for all grades.
  • On signing the MOU, the material is procured from the Publishers by Repro.
  • The personalized school page is created on the Amazon site.
  • Repro aggregates the content from publishers, collates material, prints books, creates, packs and warehouses the kits – ready to be picked up for delivery.
  • The Kits are listed on Amazon, on school specific pages for parents/students to buy – at the click of a button!
  • After the order is placed by parents/students, Amazon delivers the kit at their homes.
  • This is made possible by a state-of-the-art content repository, print-on-demand technology and high-end fulfillment infrastructure.

Rapples : Heralding “Bagless Digital Education”

The Future of Education is here!

  • Rapples : the 360 degree multi-sensory learning experience with pre-loaded textbooks delivered on a tablet.
  • Enhanced learning Experience though the Rapples Ecosystem – 1 to 1 education for each child.
  • Benefits of Multimedia and Interactive learning – Animations, photos, videos and voice in lessons.
  • Teachers empowered through simple, yet very powerful Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Smarter Assessments without any paperwork.
  • Easy information access for parents.

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