The Growing Book Market

More people are buying books online than ever before…
…and the time to tap into this opportunity is NOW!

A ripple of change has hit the book industry. And readers are adapting to this change faster than you can imagine.

Buying a book online has opened up never before opportunities – both for the reader as well as the publisher.

Readers now get exactly the title they want, right at their doorstep.

And publishers now have their books on e-bookstores and reach readers anywhere in the world, thus expanding their market exponentially.

To help you ride the digital opportunity, we have innovated a solution to help you tap into this booming market even as it unfolds.

The Repro Solution

You can now take full advantage of the online revolution.
And forget your inventory, obsolescence, and returns woes.
We’ll print your book after your customer has bought it.
And we’ll reach your entire catalogue (front and backlist) to more readers..
Anytime… Anywhere!



online demand


reaches your
books directly
to readers


reaches your books
from your warehouse
to your readers

Books on Demand. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our Customised Tech Platform, Gets the Job Done!

Here’s how our tech platform works.

  • We first digitise your content (or acquire already).
  • We store them on our highly secure digital archives.
  • We then make it available online through our e-retail alliances
    (like Amazon, Flipkart etc).
  • We actively promote your book on online channels.
  • We access titles on demand when an order is placed
    through an e-retail channel.
  • We then print a book ‘on-demand’ after it has been bought.
  • We deliver it to your reader, anywhere in the world.
  • We remit royalties to you for every book sold.

So you can relax and watch the royalties pour in.

Addressing Publishers in India

  • The Repro solution ensures that the publishers in India have access to the global market.
  • Our tie-up with the Ingram Content Group brings with it a reach of over 39000 global distribution partners, that we can make available to Indian publishers.
  • The Books on Demand model also ensures that publishers do not lose any sales.
  • A predictive model enables us to produce a book on demand, after it has been bought. This ensures that the publisher is:
  • completely risk free

  • has protected cash flows with the sale being paid for in advance and

  • is in the enviable positon of no returns

Addressing Publishers around the World

  • India has been recognised as the 6th largest books market in the world by many forums. But it isn’t an easy market to penetrate for new global players.
  • Our experience and relationships in the Indian publishing industry, provide international publishers a trusted platform to enable them tap this burgeoning market.
  • Our tech platform enables global publishers to access the Indian market and make their entire catalogue available to readers across India.
  • Our custom-built POD and SEZ manufacturing facilities provide a benefit to global publishers ensuring a cost-quality-time benefit.
  • The fact that we offer the complete solution, from online listing, to printing, to distribution and marketing solutions, makes us a full-service partner.

The Magic of E-books

From the publisher to the reader… in seconds

With the emergence of e-publishing, we offer our readers the benefits of e-books.
This solution also provides growth opportunities for publishers to book retailers. The plethora of benefits include:

  • Eliminating production costs
  • Eliminating inventory and storage costs
  • The potential to reach a global audience in seconds

Students are a special focus…

Our tech solution, has an extra special user – students. Students everywhere, need constantly updated text books. Timing is all important. And getting the latest text-book or educational material, in the fastest time, at the lowest cost is paramount. Our solution addresses all these:

Our solution ensures that school-prescribed books reach the student directly at home.

We also aggregate relevant content from educational publishers.

We do this by tying up with schools and listing text books and educational books online on dedicated school pages.

Once the order is placed by the student, we ensure that all the books on the booklist reach him or her at their doorstep.

Thanks to this we are able to offer schools a wide selection of textbooks and educational material to match their curriculum.

The Bookstore solution

We help bookstores maximise sales… and mimimise inventory… by offering retailers an innovative way to sell and store.
Physical retailers and books shops everywhere, face the same issues. Expensive real estate, damaged inventory, out-of-stock lost sales, maintaining shelf space.. the list goes on. The Repro solution handles all these issues.

Repro aggregates books from Publishers – so that a reader at a bookstore would be able to select from the entire catalogue ie the front and backlists.

Repro lists and makes available all the books aggregated from the publisher as well as those the retailer has in his inventory.

As soon as the book is sold, an alert to Repro ensures the book is replaced.

Retailers need to keep only one book of each title in stock.

This ensures that no sales are lost and the publishers are able to reach more books to more readers.

From warehouse to reader

Having unsold inventory is the bane of every publisher. Warehousing costs, goods damaged in storage, obsolescence and wastage are just some of the fallouts of the old process.

With the Repro Books solution, we eliminate these challenges
too! Even if you have already printed your books, the Repro
solution still works.

  • We make list your printed titles on global platforms like Amazon and Flipkart
  • Once sold, we fulfil the order from your existing inventory.
  • We pick up stock as required and deliver it to your reader.
  • This enables you to also sell your backlist titles.

Strategic Alliances

E-retail channel tie-ups

  • We have entered tie-ups with some of India’s largest e-retailers – including Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Infibeam, Rediff, Snapdeal etc.
  • By placing your books on these channels, we open the global market to your books. Orders for books placed on these channels are fulfilled by us.

Global Alliance.

  • To further enhance our service offering, we have tied up strategically with the Ingram Content Group. This brings with it a slew of benefits – to publishers and readers.
  • Ingram Content Group is one of the world’s largest content aggregators with more than 14 million titles in their repository.
  • They have a reach of over 39,000 global distribution partners – both e-tail and physical.
  • With this tie-up, we can take your books to the world through the Ingram Global Connect programme.

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